Project Life Foggstar is a commitment to mastering every area of your life. We are dedicated empowering you through powerful self-development advice content and coaching.

Individuals work with us to improve their health, fitness, emotional resilience, mindset, career, and spiritual growth. I deliver online business advice for established and aspiring entrepreneurs to build an online business and create passive income to free their time and energy for what’s truly important.

Our mission is simple: We provide a powerful, passionate, transparent, positive example of the unlimited possibilities available to those truly committed to mastery. Then we provide the self-development advice and online business advice to help you live that example right alongside us.


  • The mission of foggstar is to transparently, passionately and powerfully be a positive example of the unlimited possibilities that life offers for those that are truly committed to mastery, please go check our blog section so that you can start learning today.                 Read More



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